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About SMSA

OUR MISSION: The Stella Maris Surf Association is an outreach organization aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of children with autism through the sport of surfing.  


HOW WE DO IT: The approach of SMSA is built on three pillars: confidence, teamwork and awareness.  We offer a unique opportunity for the autistic community to come together to foster confidence, encourage teamwork and increase awareness through surfing.  


GET INVOLVED: Thank you for taking an interest in the work that we do.  At SMSA we are all about collaboration and team work.  We appreciate all of the volunteers and donors who help us to achieve our mission!



"Most children with autism don't ever have the chance to surf.  Our goal at SMSA is to give these children that opportunity and to offer something to the families that supports them as well.  It's about simply bringing everyone together and learning from each other with the ocean as our back drop. What could be better than that?!"


Founders of SMSA  

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